About Us

We’re an award-winning company, comprised of exceptional prop makers and puppet specialists. Our team have been brought together by a shared passion for working with incredible clients to create props and puppets that are outstanding in every way. As you might expect, props and puppets can come in all shapes and sizes, so to ensure that you have the specialists you need on your project, our creative team have very varied talents. From model makers, scenic artists, pyro technicians, carpenters, sculptors, metal workers… we’ve got the skills to make your project a reality. It could be a realistic dinosaur animatronic, or a futuristic scale model, or even a giant sculpted polystyrene toadstool - the options are limitless!

Originally based in London, Leviathan Workshop moved to Tamworth (in the Midlands, near Birmingham) to provide our clients with better value for money, and excellent transport links for the ever-changing location needs of the entertainment industry. 

We believe in working closely with our clients to achieve the very best props and puppets imaginable. We can guarantee that right from the very first phone call or email, your questions can be answered by a specialist who completely understands your project and the industry in its entirety.


Celia Strainge - Props Supervisor Michael Grandage Company

"Leviathan were the perfect team to work on our limbs and corpses. Lovely to work with and very sensitive to the actors needs when it came to the life castings. 'Bloody' good work all round!"

Dan shipton  - Black Skull Creative

“Jake and his team were amazing. They took our last minute briefs and responded with creative thinking and a quote within 24 hours. Despite the super speedy turn around the finishes were impeccable and inspired. We love Leviathan!”

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